Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mr. Bob and the Unlucky 4 Club

An excerpt from the very lengthy formal complaint sent to AsiaWorldTravel.net.

"At 6:00 PM, a certain "Mr. Bob" picked us up at the hotel lobby going to the boat pier for the Chao Phraya Princess. After Mr. Bob talked to the ticketing staff, we were appalled to be informed that we can't board the boat because our travel agent didn't make any payment to the cruise company. If I remember it right, Mr Bob said, "I want to be honest with you, and I don't want to fool you anymore." And to add insult to injury, he didn't even bother to volunteer contacting your company to help us with the problem. He just led us to a phone booth across the street. When I finally got to speak to Ms. Wichuda, I transferred it to him so that they can arrange the problem right there and then. We went back to the ticket booth, and then to the boarding station. Honestly, we can't understand everything that is happening at that time and we all felt so helpless and fooled. Mr. Bob, once again instructed us to follow him outside, and this time he said that he was going to take us back to our hotel. Of Course, we were all against the idea, and he told us that if we really want to join the cruise we would have to pay it ourselves, which is so ridiculous since we already paid for the tour in advance! After a series of phone calls made by Mr. Bob, we were finally given the boat tickets for the 7:45 PM cruise. The very "tensed" Bob left us after that.

With this, I am demanding a written explanation and apology from your company. "

And the only reply i got was:

Thank you for your valuable feedback. I apology for all the frustrating and unappreciate experience you get. As our company have many section working together, I would take this email for meeting to improving our services and avoid this kind of situation to happen again.

For my opinion, all this happen because we currently are shortage of Tourist Guide. Sometime we have to use the Freelance guide. Though we have the screen the guide freelance, it's happen that they cause problem in some ways. However I don't blame all the problem to them, It all our responsibility to make the good services.

I apologize you and your family members again. I would do my best to stop this kind of problem.

Best Regards

Thanawat Boonyarak (

Executive Director

***haay naku, sa totoo lang i want to edit the letter.=P


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i apologize you too! bwahaha!

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ate kaRRRR!!!!!! =P

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