Friday, February 24, 2006

Baked Chicken- Aussie Style

Christmas brings out the best in me. That's one thing i am certain of. Weeks before holiday, I made sure i'm ready for yet another showcase of cooking talent to impress the family. I came across this recipe for Aussie Chicken found in my life-saver Allrecipes site as i was compiling possible entrees for the Christmas dinner. With over 1,000 reviews posted, how can anyone ever go wrong?

Fast forward to the dinner table, this dish is the very first to disappear. However, instead of praises, all i got were complaints that i didn't bake enough to last till the day after. I'm guessing that it must be the honey-mustard sauce that blew all these people off. Oh i so love Christmas!

There. 'Tis the season for adults too after all.


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