Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Birthday Treat @ Ebun

This post is long overdue. I've actually forgotten about this blog due to being preoccupied by a lot of things for the past weeks.

I met up with my college girlfriends last Sep. 3 to celebrate Khriz's birthday at Greenbelt. We had an early dinner at this new resto called Ebun (kapampangan for "egg"). No it does not specialize in eggs and i have not the slightest idea why it was even named as such. Anyway, I'm just so happy with our new discovery because the food is really great, the ambiance is homey (you'll see eggs everywhere...hehe) and the price is unbelievably cheap (bottomless iced tea costs only 45php). We had kare-kare, pork sinigang (they call it sinigang na babi, cute noh?!), tortang talong, and tofu sisig. Afterwards we ordered the two kinds of bibingka they have on the menu (with kesong puti and queso de bola) but failed to finish it off since we're all too full to function. I think the bill is a little above 1000php...definitely a dinner worth every cent spent by the birthday girl=).

After dinner, i had my first fondue experience at Max Brenner. True, it made me more than happy, but i still think they are overcharging (almost 400php) for a plate with slices of apples, bananas, broas, mallows and less than half a cup each of white and dark chocolate fondues. Due to that, i am now firmly (!) resolved to duplicate the bald man's recipe and buy myself a fondue fork and pot, hopefully before the year ends (hey, i can do that for Christmas!).

Thanks for the libre Khriz! Hope you had fun as much as we did.


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too bad, i wasn't able to go... ;-(

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