Monday, March 27, 2006

Baked Spaghetti

This is my contribution for the monster's 15th birthday 3 sats ago. I had to use the biggest pots we have to cook this 2 kg. mother-of-all-carbo sans the equally heavy sauce, and struggle with all the stirring, transferring, layering, and stuffs just to get this all done in time for lunch.
The recipe i used for the sauce is the classic pinoy style. If the boys like it sweet, then sweet it is. One trick i always do when baking pasta is to not rinse the noodle after it is cooked. Trust me, you'd be needing the extra starch to bind the pasta in place. I have no specific recipe for the spaghetti sauce because i always adjust the taste and spices according to my mood. Just a mental note: i made use of everything (and i mean everything) i had in the kitchen cabinet except for the curry powder (yay...basil, bay leaves, celery, parsley, spanish paprika, italian seasoning, ground pepper, chili powder, garlic name a few?) with no specific measurement as well. What i did was to combine the noodle and sauce in a large pot, reserving some of the sauce for topping. In a shallow baking pan or pyrex dish, layer the pasta and press to make it more compact, followed by the reserved spaghetti sauce, and finish off with the bechamel/white sauce (butter, flour, cream and milk simmered till thick). Bake in a preheated oven for 20-30 minutes (350F). Let stand for another 10 minutes before serving.

My monster suddenly looked tamer in the midst of his more monster-like friends...=P


Blogger pAo said...


pwede ba ko paampon sa inyo?? para naman tumaba ako... pakainin mo lang ako palagi! di ako pinapakain sa bahay eh... wawa naman ako. =~(


3:43 AM  
Blogger puFF said...

naku pao baka maging monster ka din!

9:52 AM  

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