Saturday, August 20, 2005

Asian Food

Nope, i'm not referring to asian cuisine. What i mean is Asian Hospital food. Just got out of the hospital early this afternoon after a not so successful myringotomy operation yesterday morning. I was so drugged that i felt nothing during the entire procedure and even as i am writing this, i can still feel the effect of anesthesia flowing through my veins (talk about exaggeration;)) Oh well, since i am not going to touch the kitchen this weekend, thought i might share what i have been eating in the hospital for the past 2 days or so. My love affair for hospital food started when as a child i used accompany my mom everytime she's confined in the hospital. It continued during my college years when i would get admitted in the hospital twice a year (yes, it's twice a year) for an undiagnosed cause. Call it weird but its just me...

Every Flavor Crinkles

As I was rummaging through my baking supplies, i saw the stacks of unused powdered stuffs and figured its about time to put them into good use. I remembered it was given to me when i attended this village cooking class last Christmas. It was at that event where i learned how to make crinkles...i just never got the chance to practice what i learned until last Saturday.
1/2 kilo All Purpose flour
450 grams white sugar
1/2 cup butter
15 grams baking powder
4 eggs
20 grams powdered flavorings (i used ube, pandan, and dutch cocoa)
Powdered sugar
Preheat oven at 350F or 175C. In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar for five minutes. Add eggs one at a time. Fold in the dry ingredients and mix until evenly blended. Refrigerate mixture for 30 minutes. Form into small balls and roll in powdered sugar. Place in a ungreased cookie sheet and bake for about 10 minutes. If desired, roll crinkles in powdered sugar once more after baking.
Next time...
1. I'll try to reduce the white sugar, since the powdered sugar is a little too sweet for me to handle already.
2. Increase the amount of cocoa for a more chocolatey crinkles.
3. Remove from heat right away even if crinkles seems undercooked to achieve the doughy-like consistency.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Food Tripping in Sagada

Food tripping was at the top of our list when my sister and i went to Sagada last May. Sagada is a small westernized village located at the top of Mountain Province where foreigners own the majority of business establishments and natives are more fluent in English than Filipino. During our 3-day stay, we were able to dine in St. Joe's Cafe (try their curry veggies and mountain tea), Cuisina Igorota (the hospital canteen!), Log Cabin (buffet dinner is a must), Masferre (their blackbean chicken is the best), Yoghurt House (yoghurt= disappointing), and Alfredo's (read: breakfast for gluttons). Dining is quite expensive, most of which costs 100php/meal, but be prepared because almost all restos have giant servings. I'll never ever get over their mountain rice, tea, and coffee for as long as i am eating. Of course, the winner is Log Cabin where we had this really delish vegetarian buffet dinner prepared by its Aussie chef/owner.
Apart from our near-death experience of being chased by evil dogs on our way to Kiltepan (a viewpoint), Sagada is almost perfect for those who are in search of something more than the usual. Then again, i don't want to go back unless it's for free...