Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yogurt Addiction

I'm hooked. This is one of the best guilt-free desserts that i couldn't get enough of. My fave is the O% fat mango flavor, though i'm quite partial with
the fruit selection version nowadays since it does contain aspartame (an artificial sweetener reported to be the root cause for the epidemic of multiple sclerosis and lupus). I just find it quite pricey considering a small cup now costs 29php in the market. In my desire to find a cheaper alternative, i tried this Pascual brand (imported from Spain) which comes in more exotic flavors such as black cherry. The moment i tasted it, i had to take a second look at the label and make sure that it is not being manufactured by Pascual Laboratories. Heck, the yoghurt sure tasted like cough syrup. I guess i'll have to stick to Nestle' buys the yogurts anyway.
P.S. Try sliced bananas in yogurt. It's a guaranteed hit.=)


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